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Five Other things Winston ChurchHill Didn’t Tell You About Uganda.

By Eddie Ssemakula

Winston Churchill was spot on, in his book ‘My African Journey’ referred to Uganda as the Pearl of Africa. In his description, he stated, ‘it’s a variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life, bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale – Uganda is truly, ‘the Pearl of Africa.

Churchill was spot on, he experienced Uganda in its rawest form, but chances are he didn’t know the Uganda we know today. For example, the road network to remote tourism attractions has been improved over the last century. Here are five other things you are likely to notice about. Uganda today that even one of the greatest world’s leaders, like Churchill, didn’t get a chance to,

1. Relative peace and stability

Uganda has been noted in the world peace index as one of the most peaceful. After 1986, Uganda enjoyed relative national peace partly due to many violent administrations that preceded it. Many National Parks have trained tour-guides, and institutions like The Uganda Wildlife Authority are mandated to ensure conservation and other ensure parks are well-managed.

2. World’s remaining Mountain Gorilla Population

Chances are, Churchill the heroic leader, didn’t witness the dwindling of mountain gorilla populations globally in his day, but the evidence is clear now, half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live in the South Western part of this country. In Bwindi, you come face to face with multiple families trekking one of the world’s most ecologically diverse forests.

3. The people are friendlier

We also doubt Winston Churchill anticipated the British colony as one of the soon-to-be named most welcoming countries in 2017, but here we were, we have lost nothing of that trait. We continue to offer warm taxi smiles and bananas to curious tourists, not even the raging 2019-2020 pandemic has changed that!

4. A Vibrant nightlife

Winston Church Hill didn’t get a chance to tell anybody that Uganda’s (especially) pre-pandemic nightlife was a booming. With urbanization recorded on the rise between 2010-2019. Uganda’s vibrant nightlife is arguably the envy of East Africa. Just don’t ask Rwanda about this, okay?

5. Rolex

Some sources have also indicated the Ugandan roadside staple known as a Rolex (not the Swiss watch) as one of Uganda’s signature tastes. There is no evidence Winston Churchill ever told that to anybody, let alone taste the recent roadside glory himself.

The world will certainly forgive the historical statesman for many of the above. After all, he did not live long enough to embed these factors as part of how he described Uganda, but you have no reason not to factor these in as motivations for your next Uganda trip.

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