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Getting Around Kampala city: 6 places you shouldn’t miss.

Uganda’s capital Kampala city is locally known for its robust nightlife, but before we get there, Kampala by all standards, is already an underestimated day-time attraction. Even before (or after) you embark on your upcountry trip, you better not go through the capital only for transit’s sake.

The city, historically named after its vast Impala (an African antelope type) population now has over 4 million people go through it daily). The capital’s neighbors’ districts include Wakiso, Mukono and Entebbe – with travel attractions of their own. Kampala nevertheless continues to command its own tourism identity with these 5 places you must visit if you hope to enjoy Kampala.

1. Gaba Fish Market.
Reportedly underrated, the market on the shores of Lake Victoria is a sight to behold. Fishermen converge there to provide all fish variety known in that part of the country. If you haven’t tasted good Tilapia lately, head out and tell your story later.

2. Uganda Museum
One of the oldest sites in Kampala is located minutes away from the city center, Uganda museum features artifacts capturing Uganda’s history since the time immemorial. From time to time, the serene location on Kamwokya Road is also a hub of cultural events and social events capturing the best of Uganda.

3. National Theatre
Speaking of Ugandan cultural elements, the National Theatre, which opened doors in 1959 is located right in the middle of other architectural marvels like the Ugandan Parliament. Its entertainment varieties and activities largely representing the Uganda tradition are something to behold. Local films, plays and other events are a staple here, schedule it.

4. Bahai temple
Many religious centers in Kampala including Namirembe and Rubaga are located on the seven hills surrounding Kampala. Defining among these, however, is the Bahai temple in Kisaasi, another architectural marvel. The temple features a park popular for wedding photography.

5. Buganda Road Art market

The city Centre is a buzz of activity for any tourist, yet one of the best places to catch a good price of artistic impressions is along Buganda Road. A few miles from the downtown chaos, the market features art pieces by some of Uganda’s finest artists some at a giveaway price.

6. Downtown Kampala
It’s easy to conclude crowds are all you get when you visit downtown Kampala, but to claim so is to ignore the indigenous feel of the local people as they press through busy corridors, preach the Bible on street corners, hawk small bananas, and at the same time pitch you a flowery skirt. These typically Ugandan experiences you can only know by visiting downtown Kampala.  More specifically Old taxi park and Owino market.

Visiting Uganda soon? don’t take Kampala for granted, it’s a small awesome city built to surprise you, as her locations above testify.


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