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How about a Uganda Safari to mark your Retirement?

Having invested a thousand working hours behind walls, how about you celebrate your retirement on an African Safari?

We hear you, it’s been one long career, hammering away at details unimaginable, walking into the same door every day for decades, driving the same street and frequenting the same boardrooms, may be four, or six. What you need now is a remarkable safari to seal it off!

Which kind self-reward then can compare to a Uganda safari retirement package like one Pearl Gorilla offers its retiree clients. Across Uganda, you can now traverse, four national parks, 5 lakes, and if you want, with your camera in tow to capture this memorable experience!

Lake Bunyonyi
The magical Lake Bunyonyi

Uganda, renown for its rolling hills, wildlife population, an impeccable savannah, all present on 27,000 square miles of land consists of variety vacation spots, without doubt the perfect destination for your retirement safari.

Uganda’s 2019 natural attractions mean such accomplishment is possible thanks to the variety of flora and fauna lit across the country Winston Churchill once called “the pearl of Africa”

Whether it is Kidepo’s ferocious rock climbing lions or the Queen Elizabeth tree climbing versions of the same, whether it is birdwatching expedition in Mabamba bay swamp or gorilla tracking on the edges of Bwindi forest. We will take you round, just be sure to name it Uganda and we will book it for you.

Tree climbing lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park

The tip of the ice berg is that you can you go around all around Uganda with our subsidized offers for those on retirement, you just have to reach us and we commence the discussion.

Not many get to spend their retirement this way, not to mention our subsidized packages for retirees, so how about you reach us in advance. Will you?

Recommended Top Uganda Destinations

If you need more tailored trips that fit your holiday and budget, feel free to make inquiries via the contact us page or email us or call us (+256) 774 073535)

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