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Is Northern Uganda the most underestimated Tourism Destination?

You’re probably like me, everywhere you have seen “Northern Uganda”  you’ve read the word insurgency. But clarification is necessary, it’s been over 20 years since Joseph Kony, the norotorius rebel leader there was outed, Northern Uganda retains her beauty with multiple destinations to explore, here we explore where to begin, in this beautiful region.

1. West Nile

Docked away in the North East is a region separated by the aggressive River Nile, rich in diversity (with multiple refugee populations from Congo and Sudan) the region features the breathtaking sights of White Nile. Arua Town is located  has been heralded too as the rising urban location with variety events to enjoy. Cultural Tourism continues to thrive there too thanks to the various tribes in Maracha, Adjumani and Moyo. Hotel Zawadi in Adjumani (West Nile still)  has for example  been lauded by Ugandan hoteliers as the ideal base for exploring Northern Uganda.

2. Home of Murchison Falls

Packwach District is host to the mighty Murchison falls and the premier African resort Chobe safari Lodge, lauded for its centrality in experiencing every bit of flora and fauna in Murchison falls national Park. the district is also home to heritage safari Lodge close to the Albert Nile.

3. Karuma sights.

As you cross to the northern part of Uganda, Karuma bride, constructed in 1963 the bridge links Northern and West Nile regions to central Uganda, mammals and a rowdy River Nile can be noticed at this bridge, a peculiar experience for tourists heading through Murchison falls national park.

4. Kidepo in North Eastern Uganda

It goes without saying that Kidepo National park stands peculiar in this region too, nominated  by CNN among Africa’s best,  the park boasts of a lion population and bird watching experiences unique to it. Apoka Safari Lodge is the attraction there too. Charter flights services to this hard to access- by-road part of the country from Entebbe Airport include Fly Uganda and Eagle Air . Trip Advisor ratings for Apoka Lodge also stand exceptional.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, yet without doubt, Northern Uganda still boasts of multiple tourism attractions to explore. But as we have just seen, these few highlighted here are a good place to start. So reach us and let’s get talking, we guarantee you an exceptional experience discovering Northern part of the country Winston Church hill once called “the pearl of Africa”

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