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Now you can trekk Ugandan Gorillas online.

We’ve stated before how Uganda hosts half of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population, now as part of a larger effort to boost Safari Traffic to the Pearl of Africa. Now an app has been introduced to allow you have a share of the experience in the wild. Read up on its launch here and here.

Yet as always, nothing beats the face-to-face experience. If you want to witness a superior mountain gorilla experience, come along and talk to us. Our teams have been on the ground, no problem staring with the online experience but ensure to see it to its fulfillment.

Uganda continues to drive traffic to Bwindi, the premium Gorilla destination at a half price compared to Rwanda. You want to be part of its the new drive to understand the country. Check out a few more things about Uganda here and consider getting us on board to prepare your trip. We will be more than happy to.
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