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“Safari” means “Journey” – So journey Uganda first.

Where should I go for my first safari?

We could go on and on about Safari and the origins of the word, there’s quite a lot well-documented there.

What remains a curiosity for many is where to have your first safari, Cambridge dictionary defines safari as “organized journey to look at or sometimes hunt wild animals especially in Africa .

Well, we can’t guarantee about the hunting but one thing is clear, if you are going to  embark  on your first Safari, Uganda is a good place to start, unlike Kenya, Uganda boasts of several water bodies that provide far more exceptional experiences, the source of the Nile is there, and so are water rafting, LAKE Victoria, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world is host to several luxury outfits, including islands to explore like Kalangala among others.

More opportunities abound, the tree climbing lions in Ishasha are a beauty to behold too, the chimpanzees in Kibaale national park as well.  You just can’t go wrong understanding a typical safari in Uganda.

It shouldn’t be difficult to explore the meaning of the word Safari by first visiting a country that represents the word. Did we mention that in Uganda you can catch the big five, surf the Nile and trek half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas in a space of week.

Our fault, there is more.

You can also get an experience of the 53 tribes in an exceptional cultural experience that could immerse you in Uganda’s various tribes and their practice.

All that said without taking a trip up to Pakuba to catch the  leopard in a former presidential palace, or go birdwatching in Kidepo.   Look, look, we could go on.

Uganda is laden with lots, if you are going to experience the best of Safari, let alone understand the true meaning of what it means to journey in the African wild, you better choose  Uganda, we would like to help too.

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