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Uganda’s under-estimated Birding potential.

Ugandan Tourism enthusiast Amos Wekesa recently surprised me with a statistic in an interview, “Uganda has 1078 species of birds. That is 11% of the world’s species of birds. 50% of Africa’s species of birds. And 73% of East Africa’s species of birds. America has got 1007 species of birds and America makes 36 billion dollars from those birds every year. Yet they have 600 birds less than Uganda. For you to see 500 species of birds in the US you will spend years yet in Uganda, to see 600 species, it will take you 14 to 21 days. America alone has 60 million people who call themselves birders.”

Not to mention that the Uganda Wildlife Authority already lists a good number of birding sites to consider when visiting Uganda. This morning, on my walk to work in the eco-rich Western Uganda, I noticed a seemingly rare (well at least, to the best of my memory, I had never spotted that particular kind of long-legged specie all my life).

What surprised me more however was the fact that many Ugandans like me seem to live amidst such seemingly casual awesome sightings without a single hint of what Wekesa was describing above, a not so ordinary sighting, especially for people traveling to Uganda.

It’s possible many of us locally go about our day to day business with no hint of what a unique birding destination we are. It is for this same reason that you need a trusted travel company to help you explore such species. Pearl Gorilla’s portfolio is suited to enable you to comfortably travel to many of these leading destinations well-known to us.

Our in-house Ugandan travel networks at PG mean you can connect to any birding site within days of your booking and get connected to superior 5-star wild lodging experiences, many strategically located to enhance your binocular experience.
Quick question, why haven’t you booked birding expedition with us yet?

Come experience Uganda’s underestimated and yet unmatched birding potential, you want to be the first to behold such exceptions.  And it even gets better if you have an experienced handler like Pearl Gorilla to take you around. Doesn’t it?

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