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Add Jinja water-rafting to your Uganda Safari Holiday.

Your upcoming holiday deserves the best.

It’s interesting to discover a little more of Uganda you didn’t know at first. Jinja city for example, the underestimated safari favorite located in the east of the landlocked country, was formerly an industrial city. A feature that now also makes it one of the finest destinations in Uganda.

For those wondering about Jinja, its the premier location of the source of the River Nile, the longest river in the world, and even more thrilling, the location of the finest white-water rafting experiences is designed to match your adrenaline.

With multiple options for tourist experiences, the city stands tall as a prime go-to town you should never afford to miss while visiting Uganda.

Referred to as “Idhinda” by indigenous locals, a translation from the local language, Lusoga, Jinja sets the bar high in providing the best of aqua-safari experiences.

The city has reportedly been noted to have the second largest economy in Uganda In the past, factories chose Jinja as their base largely because of the nearby electric power dam at the Owen Falls Dam , recently renamed Nalubaale dam.

An array of tubing and white-water rafting service providers are available to ensure a safe and thrilling experience, these include Nile River Explores, Nalubale rafting among several others. We are confident though that you can weigh all these guides with our exceptional contacts at Pearl Gorilla before deciding to come to Uganda.

2 hours and 14 minutes is what It takes to move the 70km journey from the capital Kampala, two routes are helpful when getting to Jinja, one via Gayaza and the other via Kayunga, gauging from arrival at Entebbe International airport, the journey takes 44 minutes if you use the Entebbe Express highway.

The alternative route to the bypass features countryside sightings like the leafy Mabira forest and the aforementioned Nalubaale dam.

Having arrived in Jinja nevertheless, it’s important not to miss the breathtaking ancient style streets, walks across the capital are underestimated too so adding those to your itinerary is what our guides are suited for guiding.

Onto the white water rafting and tubing experiences, Road adventures recommends these 7 items to have before a water rafting experience. A swimsuit, headlamp, Wet/Body Wipes, rain gear, long underwear, hand sanitizer. Water bottle and quality sandals.

Jinja remains a central destination for the best of such one-time experiences and there is no better way to commence your planning by contacting us today, will you?

Plan for the finest of aqua-safari experiences, talk to us today, add in a superior safari activity second to none at the source of the world’s longest river, will you? For starters, we are happy to come alongside you.

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A rafting experience on River Nile. Image/Tracy Hammond/Pixabay
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