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Murchison Falls National Park also referred to as the Kabarega Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile. It actually breaks the stunning Victoria Nile, that flows across Uganda’s northern region from the vast Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and continues to the northern tip of Lake Albert within the western arm of the great East African Rift.

The park is endowed with several attractions including over 76 mammal species with four members of the big five, the lion, the leopards, the elephants, and the Buffaloes. Other species include bushbucks, Uganda kob, waterbucks and warthogs, giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeest, hyenas etc. Along the shores of the Nile and within the waters you will see lots of hippos and crocodiles among other resident creatures. There are also several primates in the Murchison falls national park including baboons and several monkey species.

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