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Gorilla habituation age-limit

Gorilla habituation safari is an adventure where you follow a semi-habituated gorilla family in the process of getting them familiar with human presence changing their nature. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is the section for gorilla habituation in Uganda. There two destinations currently open for gorilla habituation that is to say Rushaga area and Nkuringo area. You escort a group of habituates who follow the gorilla family, take notes and observe the mountain gorillas. They note down the traits of each gorilla and give individual names to the gorillas for individual identification.

Why plan in advance for your habituation safari with a child

Are you planning to travel with your children on your gorilla habituation safari to Bwindi impenetrable national park. Age limit for gorilla habituation is currently minimum age of 15 years and anyone below that age is considered a child. There you cannot fit to trek the endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park, but it is still possible that a child below that age can trek gorillas. Children cannot be contained, in order to avoid such children are not allowed to go for habituation because a child can make noise or run which may lead gorillas to charging and become wild to visitors.

Reasons why children under 15 years are not allowed for gorilla habituation.

However, there may reasons why children below 15 years are not allowed to go for habituation due to the fact that some children tend to have communicable diseases which can easily be transmitted to gorillas since they share the same genes, diseases like cough and flu can easily be transmitted. Besides that, the trek can sometimes be hard as Bwindi is hilly, it can be slippery, and the surface is rough of which children below the age cannot handle. The 15years minimum age was observed and approved by the Uganda Wildlife Authority as the age that is fit and responsible for habituating gorillas.

Despite of the age limit for gorilla habituation, children of 15 years also pay the same price for gorilla habituation permits like for adults, children are grouped with their families they have travelled with for easy management and care of their parents. Howe ever, the passport will be reviewed to ensure minors are not allowed to habituate the gorillas and if got that the child is a minor, you won’t be allowed to trek even when you have a permit secured. Children who are minors can travel with their parents on a safari and be left at the hotel or with the safari guide while parents are on the trek. They can participate in nature walks and community walks.

Although, there is no maximum age for gorilla habituation provided you can travel to the park, there also options to help the elderly to get to see the gorillas. You can choose to pay a porter who helps you carry your bag pack and also gives you a hand as you hike through the forest; there is also a sedan chair which helps to carry the elderly to see the gorillas to and from the forest.

Gorilla habituation for children below 15 years.

However, there chances that you children can be allowed to go for gorilla habituation provided you prove to the Uganda wildlife Authority that your children are physically fit though still young. You may be required to present the photos of your children because they might go for a fitness test before they issue a gorilla habituation permit. Once it is proved by the Uganda wildlife Authority then we go ahead and book a gorilla habituation permit for your children who are below 15 years of age.

What’s the age limit for Habituation experience in Uganda.

Actually, the children below 15 years but nearly to 15 can also be given an opportunity to go for gorilla habituation in Bwindi Forest National Park. That is to say a child who is 14 years of age can be given a chance, here the parents will take a responsibility to write to the Uganda wildlife authority and inform them on the status of the child in terms of fitness, age and not forgetting to attach the photos on the letter. Once this is done and approved, then you will be free to make payments for your child’s gorilla habituation permit. Please quote that all this must be done early enough to avoid inconveniences.

However, according to the above, your children may be 11, 12, 13 and 14 can be allowed to go for gorilla habituation but based on some conditions. Gradually you may be required to assign a consent agreement with the Uganda wildlife authority in that in case something happens to your child Uganda wildlife Authority is not blamed but it’s you to be blamed.

Why Pearl gorilla tracking expeditions for your Habituation experience.

Pearl gorilla tracking expeditions can help you pick for you the forms from Uganda wildlife offices and send them to you to sign and when you are done you send them back to us and once you are done and have approved then you will be requested to make the payments for the gorilla habituation permit which to be done in advance.

In conclusion, Uganda wildlife Authority is the one with the right to grant your child a gorilla habituation permit, us as a tour operator we cannot assure you that you can get a gorilla habituation permit for your child below 15 years of age since its Uganda wildlife Authority to confirm that. However, our work is to help you request for your child below the age to get the permit. For more information, please contact pearl gorilla tracking expeditions we shall get you covered.

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