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5 Things Frequent Travelers Wish You Knew About Uganda

There are many African countries to aspire visiting, Morocco is one of those, its ancient architecture is a beauty to behold. South Africa’s Kruger National Park is a must watch too, Rwanda Gorillas, Tanzania’s vast vegetation too. Kenya’s variety sights can also be traced in Masai Mara, among many other spectacular locations.

But you need to step back and hear about a country you have probably not given much thought before – Uganda.

This landlocked gem at the heart of East Africa, has often been a “one stop” center for Safari enthusiaiats. Whereas many know it for “Idi Amin” in the 1970’s, and Bwindi Gorillas, there is more to it as those who’ve been there will tell you. Here, we explore 5 of those things Uganda safari enthusiasts will tell you are unique to a country Winston Churchill once referred to as the “pearl of Africa”

1. Gorilla trekking is cheaper

Uganda shares the Virunga region (home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas) with Rwanda, yet Rwanda gorilla trekking permits are $1500 compared to Uganda’s $750 For those looking to maximize their holiday savings to visit more areas, Uganda becomes the ultimate go to place. But talking about more areas takes us to the second reason. Book your Gorilla trekking in time.

2. Uganda is Wildlife cocktail

Kenya’s wildlife is exceptional yet it features no mountain gorilla habitat and white water rafting, the same can be said of Tanzania and well, South Africa.

Uganda’s water bodies consisting of the source of the world’s second longest river Nile, Lake Victoria in the South, Albert, in the West Mburo in the South West means Uganda not only stands tall in water body attractions but also boasts of the biggest safari options in one go, With  our  14 day roundtrip  you can track Gorillas in the morning, walk with  Mburo Zebras at midday, go water rafting in the afternoon and serve dinner amidst the groans of Kidepo’s roaring lions, what else can be superior?

3. The ethnicity is amazing

You probably have not been in a place with 50 different languages, go travel Uganda, her 56  tribes are such a unique feature,  that literally means you will hear over 4 different languages for every  10 people you meet, especially when travelling outside Kampala, Uganda’s capital.

4.The people are friendly

Hospitality is never to be taken for granted, A 2018 survey from InterNations, according to Forbes “the largest global network and information site for people who live and work abroad,“ ranked Uganda at number 16th among the world’s friendliest. When travelling abroad, you still need to know you are welcomed and loved. Uganda ranks high up there.

5. The weather is Cocktail too

Just like her nature attractions listed in reason 2,  Uganda’s variety weather is something you will enjoy, in some months, it’s possible to experience sunny mornings and rainy afternoons, or the reverse, apart from winter and drought, Uganda seems to be the kind of destination you can experience everything under the sun, almost literally.

We are  a safari company located in Uganda and serve a number of clients here, if you need to plan  vacation or a safari of  lifetime, consider the Uganda experience and go with those who know her corners best, leave us your details here, and we will supply you with an itinerary within 2 hours, will you?

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