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Planning Your safari in Kampala City

It’s easy to under-travel Uganda, there is a whole lot to cover traveling this beautiful landlocked country. And just when you think you are done, returning to Kampala (to prepare for your departure) may make you assume you’ve got it all covered. Buit never, Uganda never stops delivering. 

You are therefore more likely to get back to Kampala without having exhausted all the places you needed to visit, but knowledgeable tour operators in Uganda should be the first to tell you that there is always more to explore even when you’ve already concluded your safari.

The country’s capital Kampala located in central Uganda, is near Africa’s largest lake, and the country’s only international airport at Entebbe, which means there is more you can do around this town affordably as you prepare look up your departure flight. These activities around Kampala may include, 

1. Birdwatching at Mabamba bay Swamp

Birders love Uganda, and often, a lifetime birding excursion usually lurks under their nose without them knowing, Mabamba bay swamp is located in the nearby Mpigi district and is in proximity to the airport with affordably stunning rare and endemic bird sightings, as you wind down your Uganda safari, consider utilizing your binoculars to see a shoebill, according to sources, mabamba alone boasts of over 250 bird species. A variety to behold.

2. Kasubi Tombs

The UNESCO gazette site is a cultural cemetery for past Buganda kings, a good one stop location to help you learn about the country’s history and tribes, oh, and there is over 52 tribes here.

3. Kampala by Night

In Uganda, Rolex is not a watch, it’s a delicacy, most who travel to Uganda miss out on tapping into the cultural intensity the city displays, especially by night, Ndere troupe Centre for example hosts a series of cultural performances to spice up a traveler’s night. Uganda’s national theatre is also often a hub of cultural experiences by night. And so, whether it is a meal by the nighttime Rolex stand or a traditional song bellowing out of a local drum performance, you can’t afford to miss what Kampala delivers by night.

Uganda never ceases to deliver on the tourism front, and these are only tip of the iceberg, if you contact us, we will fill the last leg of your itinerary with a series of other spectacular activities to wind up your safari in a  memorable way, will you reach us today?

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