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6 reasons you should still Drive during your next Ugandan Safari.

So you’ve planned your safari, spent nights looking at maps and called agents, everything you’ve anticipated seems to rotate around stories concerning the bad roads in Uganda, renowned for its pothole experiences. Your heart skips a beat, you need some encouragement, well, we have some.

1. Travelling by road is part of the experience  
You may bump into a pothole here and there but that’s part of the experience. Coming here gives you a road treat unlike anywhere in the world. The red dirt is lovely and drive maybe bumpy but are unique, so be encouraged.

2. Better Photography
They say the best photography is unplanned, Uganda’s marvels mean you can take home award-winning photos, towards Murchison falls National Park in the North. For example, views of Lake Albert and East Africa’s deepest forest, Budongo are such a breathtaking experience, plus the many inexhaustible surprises in-between.  

3.Unexpected sightings  
Since Uganda’s sights and sounds are too vast to exhaust in one go, maximizing your opportunity means you consider a paced travel schedule. A sudden leopard may pop out of an abandoned lodge, surprises, surprises, surprises.

4. Access to tribes and cultures  
North East Uganda by road means more access to the Karamoja tribes. Bwindi by road means the Batwa culture and Mountain Elgon means Bagisu tribal interactions. Many of these cultures are best experienced when you can access them by road.

5. Road side delicacies
We have talked about small yellow bananas before and how they are a favorite for many traveling here. Roadside stops give you an opportunity to taste Uganda’s bread basket varieties, which include jack fruit, among others.

6. Flexibility
Eventualities happen; a phone call from the hotel room, an email from home, a forgotten passport at the entrance, traveling by road may mean flexibility so your trip is not inconvenienced.  

See Uganda like never before.
All said, a lot of Uganda’s wastelands, for example, are a sight to behold. What may look like boring long hours across vegetation may turn up as your desktop wallpaper by road.  

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