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Best things we’ve read About Uganda recently

Uganda is always in the news, well, especially the tourism friendly Uganda. Here are a few things we have read about the country of late, worth your attention.

Roof Top Farming: Why vertical gardening is blooming in Kampala. This Guardian article explores the trends in farming around Kampala. Agri-Tourism is a potential addition to your itinerary. Enjoy the read.

Ugandan Mountain Gorillas go online: This locally resourced article explores the recent app “my gorilla developed to increase gorilla trekking experiences”. You will enjoy it. An Insider Guide to Kampala: Where a Rolex is something you eat:

Rosebell kagumire goes about interesting tales here about Gaba Fish market and other underestimated locations around Kampala, Uganda’s capital. Look it up. What else, if you want to explore our archive, so many articles about Uganda are prepared to prepare you better travelling here, feel free to reach out.

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