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Great Time to Visit When The Grass Has Grown Taller in Uganda’s National Parks.

Image/Follow Alice/Pexels

By Eddie Ssemakula

Who ever knew that a Ugandan National park would lie rested for a whole year plus, without active tourists tearing through its shrubs in order to take photographs of zebras. (our apologies Lake Mburo Park)

Well, who ever imagined the Bwindi gorilla family routes would look green again. Nobody of course, yet the most thankful should be the gorilla families of Bwindi that have had their meals fresher and uninterrupted than ever! Whoa!

The more reason gorillas should be fun to track in this post pandemic, you get a chance to walk the paths many trekkers have trekked before and experience how fresh they used to be before all March 2020 happened.  

You want to imagine birdwatching in Mabamba bay swamp again, you want to watch the innocent birds that stand near vulture spaces and the antelopes of Murchison falls that glide past the once-crowded car routes again.

You want to go water rafting in Jinja again, with less traffic on the roads to Jinja, Uganda’s original industrial city, you want to experience those adrenaline-stirring boat sessions, not to mention that Uganda wildlife has subsidized prices for locals, (which may also mean negotiable prices for international tourists, let alone easy access to once high value spots)

For those exploring the cultural wealth and diversity of Uganda, you want to find the variety of rural communities vibrant again, thanks to the refreshed thinking probably resulting from the pandemic.

Look, it just gets better travelling to Uganda after COVID-19. Now go clear your vaccinations and be ready to experience the finest of the Albertine region. Who wouldn’t want to?

No one competes with Uganda’s ecological diversity. Therefore, travelling in this season is even more eco-friendly, as so much is in its natural state again. In other words, it’s great to visit when the grass has grown taller again in Uganda’s National Parks?

Let’s talk about your next Uganda trip, shall we?

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