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Half the World’s Remaining Mountain Gorillas Live Here, We Too

Planning your East Africa Safari? We hear you, there’s a lot to choose from, East Africa can present perplexing variety!

From Masai land to Serengeti, to Kidepo, to Ngamba, Bwindi, to Murchison, to Source of the Nile, sigh! What do you leave out and where do you start?

Knowing that full well, we at Pearl Gorillas beseech you to never skip the mountain gorilla trekking experience for anything. This is a lifetime activity that should never left out of your bucket list, need we explain?

World Wildlife Fund lists the Virunga mastiff as home to over 640 mountain gorillas. At Pearl Gorilla Safaris, we ensure your Rwanda-Uganda Gorilla itinerary (which features the most gorilla sightings) is maximized, because your Safari savings deserve their worth, don’t they?

Travelling with us, you can count on for a full blown experience in the land where half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live.

Whether it is curving out mountain gorilla paths in Rushaga or tasting the fresh fruit of Mbarara town, or watching the mighty river Nile explode into Murchison, Uganda’s eco-wealth will also reward you with sights of the tree-climbing Ishasha lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the therapeutic water cruises on Kazinga channel, but It all makes sense when you have featured the impeccable Bwindi Impenetrable Park.

With multiple tour operators connecting you to this part of the world, you need one that will do more than email quotes and itinerary.

You need a travel partner that understands the Virunga gorilla terrain plus, where and when to trek gorillas best. Our guide network will ensure you have the best sightings for this once-in-a lifetime experience, watching these primates in a stone’s throw distance.

If you have to go for an East African Safari, trek Bwindi Gorillas, if you have to trek Gorillas, trek with East Africa’s experienced, and when you do, remember, half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas live here, we at Pearl Gorillas live here too.

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