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5 preferred Spots for Tourists around Kampala

Choice always baffles, too much choice even more.

That’s why getting help concerning a suitable hotel in Kampala is not to be taken for granted. Here are three to get you started, as recommended by Uganda Hotels Association, you may want to start with these before your time in Kampala, lest you are at the mercy of brokers, the very thing you want to avoid on a super safari.

1. Cassia lodge

Located on Buziga hill, the hotel boasts of 20 Safari rooms and can take in 100 diners, for those looking for a spectacular group experience, this is an impeccable experience, a swimming pool, a business centre, you don’t have to worry about your gadgets while on Safari. With views of Lake Victoria, you have everything thrown in to add sparkle to your safari, explore it at your own delight.

2. Golf course Apartments

Golf lovers will love these, as they are sitted on the edge of Kampala’s premier golf course location, minutes away from the city center, you can still enjoy a downtown experience and beat the traffic on a boda boda ride, without breaking the bank. The apartments also feature a Jacuzzi, a furnished gym plus constant power supply, yes, unlike in most upcountry locations you might encounter.

3. Kabira country club

Maybe you are going to be hanging out with expatriate communities here, maybe you want familiar faces to surround you, even if for a while, kabira country club provides a serene, uptown feel, for those keen on rubbing shoulders with Africa’s upper middleclass, whether its residential accommodation or fitness facilities, the hotel stands head above others is combining the two, no doubt safari tourists will love it.

4. Sheraton Kampala

For those interested in the familiar, well, at least in the sense of known hotel brands, Sheraton will provide you that comfort, right in the city centre of Kampala, its international mindfulness ensures you don’t feel so far from home, spectacular sightings of an ever-busy Kampala are a thing to behold. You might want to look them up for a peculiar service.

5. Banana village

The Canopy of trees and nearby bird species sightings are almost an extension of your safari while at Banana village, checking in here gives you an African setting just 20 kilometer from Entebbe, if the African village feel still entices you before or after your safari, this is a place to spend a night, or two

To the number of hotels in Central Uganda there is no end, yet for visiting Uganda to remain an exceptional experience, you need a curated brief highlighting each hotel and location unique feature, we hope this is a good place to start when planning your safari.

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