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You haven’t enjoyed Uganda if you haven’t been to Jinja

Located in Eastern Uganda, Uganda’s former industrial hub now busts with hordes of tourists, what could be so unique about a town, the answer is beautifully multi-faceted than you have ever imagined. We attempt to explore it here.

1. Source of the Nile

Jinja town is home to the source of the world’s longest river. The Nile, is where the British explore John Speke is said to have discovered its source, well, at least officially, more claims point to Rwanda and beyond as the source but our contention is not about exploration, we are here to state that you will almost miss everything if you don’t Jinja on your itinerary. From town walks to white water rafting, the activities here are beyond numbering.

2. Owen Falls Dam. Nalubaale

Renown for supplying electricity to majority Uganda, the hydro power station is a scenic view especially as your van cruises past the Jinja bridge, glimpses of the mighty River Nile may surprise you with a rare bird specie in sight, that’s what Jinja is about.

3. Mto Muyoni

The tranquil retreat centre on the edges of Victoria Nile stands prominent among other premier locations (e.g. Jinja sailing club) and continues to draw in numbers looking to breath in the spectacular Nile experience.  in the same area guests to this location are known to carry away superior family experiences as the location brings a variety of riverside experiences.

4. Nile Water sports

This is arguably one of the most endeared in this great town, family float trips can be provided by nalubale rafting among others, Nile water experiences are determined b7 the weather, but seeing that Uganda is renowned for fantastic weather, you are unlikely to go wrong experimenting with white water rafting and related.

5. Jinja Lodges.

Jinja’s great accommodation spots stand tall in this region and they include Jinja Nile resort, Victoria Breeze apartments wild waters lodge and source of the Nile hotel, a visit to the reptile park is also in order after you have made your choice among the awesome lodging spots.

There is a lot you can experience in Jinja, this is just a tid bit, what is clear is that exploring this great town is a once in a life time experience, check out our itinerary and let’s hear from you.

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