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A Deep Dive into Uganda’s Crater Lakes.

Not literally of course, we do not encourage visitors to Uganda to deep dive into crater lakes. We are tourism enthusiasts not self-harm envoys.

We want to sketch a picture for you to see the abundant wealth Uganda has been endowed with in its crater lakes.

This aspect of Uganda’s many treasures of nature just might be what you need to pack your bags and visit.

And then, our work will be done.

The Cambridge dictionary says a crater lake is a round lake that has formed in the crater of a volcano.


Out of a fiery storm originates a rugged circle or basin that fills with water forming a crater lake. The sight of these children of nature is bound to take your breath away.

Ever pop a bottle of champagne? Or watch a video in which someone popped one? The cork is removed and splash, a gush of liquid flies into the sky usually over screams of delight, surprise or shock, it can be hard to tell which over the screams!

In a way, this is how a crater lake is formed.

A huge explosion of magma forces its way up through mountainous rock. The force causes a collapse of some of the rock; leaving in its wake, well, let’s call it a huge depression even though fancier folks would call it a crater.

Gradually, this hole fills up with water. The water may come from precipitation, ground water circulation or melted ice.

Lord Wiki offers an insightful read up on the origin, nature and differences between Crater lakes that you might find interesting.

Crater Lakes in Uganda

From our research, the exact number of craters in Uganda is unclear although the consensus is more than 50.

Many of these are concentrated in parts of Western Uganda, specifically around Kibale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.

Fort Portal, a district in western Uganda with rich British colonial history  boasts a huge number of crater lakes, if you are set to go, we could kickstart you on this journey, you just have to talk to our trip planner today will you?

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