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First Time to Hear About Uganda?

What if you are hearing about Uganda for the first time? You might even ask back, “is that in Asia?” Or reply, “Oh you mean Idi Amin?” Yet that’s not all there is. If you are hearing about Uganda now, be glad you are hearing about it from us. Well, here are a few things about the country Winston once referred to as the “pearl of Africa”.

1. Landlocked with water bodies

Uganda is actually a landlocked country in East Africa sandwiched between Congo in the West, South Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East and Tanzania in the south. Yet as a landlocked country, unlike many of her neighbors, Uganda boasts of various lakes; Victoria (the largest tropical lake in the world) Kyoga, Albert, Edward, George, Mutanda, among others. Her rivers include the second longest River Nile that runs through from Rwanda to West Nile in the North Western part of the country.

2. Source of the Nile River
The source of the Nile has been identified in Uganda’s Jinja city, another marvel of a small town. The world’s second longest river finds its source here, white water rafting activities and fishing expeditions are delights enjoyed here. Just when you think you’ve known Uganda, then you experience life at the source of the Nile.

3. Mountain Gorilla Population
Half of the world’s remaining gorilla population can be found in the Virunga region that is shared with Rwanda in the south western part of Uganda. Bwindi in Uganda has more gorillas than its neighbor Rwanda, (and more mountain gorillas in her Bwindi Impenetrable Forest more than anywhere else in the world). More remarkably, the price to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda is almost half of what it takes to trek mountain gorillas in neighboring Rwanda.

4. The people are friendly
Uganda has been voted among the world’s most welcoming countries. The people here from the 53 plus tribes-plus are all smiles and courteous, with great reception experienced among those who set foot here. You better be come next.  

5. The weather and food are great

Uganda’s variety foods have earned it the “Breadbasket of East Africa” title in the region. Her largely tropical fruits, for example, range from small bananas to jackfruit and apples. Her fish markets are on record and so is her Rolex urban staple.

6. Cultural experiences

Uganda’s 53 plus tribes provide a unique cultural experience wherever you go, Karamojong in the north, Baganda in the central, Acholi in the north and Banyankole in the West. Various languages spoken, music played, dances displayed here provide a diverse experience to enrich your travel.

Yet this is all just a foretaste; Uganda has tourism varieties that could take you a lifetime to explore (okay maybe a week on Safari) so get in touch, talk to our tour planner and map your way here. We will be glad to come alongside and help you find out more about this East African gem of a country. Will you?

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