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First Five impressions when you arrive in Uganda.

Uganda, the landlocked country that is rich in big five and other attractions almost needs no introduction in the global tourism sector. Yet just when you think you understand Uganda, more surprises await you, especially upon arrival.

1. Friendly people

For a country that was once ranked among the world’s friendliest, its people are warm and embracing. Often greeted as “muzungu,” westerners visiting are embraced around the clock, a stroll through Kampala is inviting enough as shop attendants literally beckon you as if you came by their house just yesterday.

2. Small bananas

Small bananas locally known as “ndizi” are special to Uganda, their taste is unique and you can almost spot them anywhere. Many tourists accustomed to different banana types fall in love with these and fulfil their taste of Uganda. A small bunch often costs less than a dollar depending on where you grab one. The delicacies are so familiar to Ugandan locals that they seem to take their abundance for granted.


The Ugandan rolex, not the Swiss watch, is a roadside delicacy in Uganda that consists of fried eggs and chapati rolled together with preferences of raw onions or tomatoes blended in. The delicacy has since become the signature taste of tourists visiting Uganda, its taste will surprise you.

4. The weather

With two rainy seasons in a year, it’s been said that only in Uganda can you experience all the four seasons apart from winter, its likely to get cold, hot and in between within 12 hours, an experience that shocks many, although Ugandan farmers seem to enjoy it.

5. Different languages.

Uganda has 56 tribes, and so, when everyone is speaking English, it is hard, as an outsider, to tell who’s from where. No worries, it is part of the Uganda experience. Yet quite regularly you will encounter more pockets of peculiar languages spoken that are not uniform, especially in the countryside. The north for example has languages like Luo, Lugbara, in the east Lusoga is dominant and Runyankore is in the western regions.

One exceptional thing about visiting Uganda is that most of what you have seen online or heard reported about the country’s attractions pales in comparison to what you eventually get to see. Murchison Falls for example is more breathtaking than imagined, Ishasha tree climbing lions more majestic than observed in pictures and water rafting more adrenaline-stirring than any video you will ever watch about riding on the source of the Nile. In that sense, Uganda is a great marvel, and continues to surprise you as you go along. Consider planning your trip with us.


Photo by Dialo Photography from Pexels
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