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Three Rwanda destinations to add to your Uganda trip.

Uganda shares a lot with Rwanda, politically and geographically. The political history of the two countries is so knit but that’s not our focus in this article. The Virunga region they both share is host to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Yet there is more, these attractions in Rwanda can serve as great additions to your Uganda Safari. Geographically, Rwanda is about five times smaller than Uganda, yet her attractions bring variety to those looking to maximize an East African Safari.

1.  Akagera National Park

The park located in eastern Rwanda is a beauty, it reportedly had lions and rhinoceros re-introduced within its boundaries which makes it a favorite destination for those perhaps unable to rise early for the Queen Elizabeth National park lion sightings.  Akagera is therefore a preferred nearby destination for many hoping to catch an alternative of what you may have missed back in Uganda.

Nyungwe National Park
A potentially birding destination located in the South West bordering Burundi, Nyungwe National Park is one of the oldest rainforests in Africa. Activities there include birding, nature trail hiking, canopy walk and chimpanzee tracking. In the unlikely event your gorilla trekking permits in Uganda do not allow you to enjoy a sufficient birding experience, you are a few hours away from crossing the border to explore the rainforest varieties of Nyungwe. The same could be said about a missed opportunity in Kibaale forest tracking chimpanzees, Nyungwe could compensate.

Volcanoes national park
The park features a variety of gorilla family trekking opportunities and her locations are similar to what you will have in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest. And in the event the latter is not exhaustive enough, why not explore Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park a few hours away or less.

This list could go on. We haven’t mentioned the genocide memorial sites that often draw the world’s attention to the 1994 genocide. We haven’t explored sightings of Lake Kivu either, but what’s clear is that if you are traveling to Uganda, your Safari can accommodate so much more from neighboring Rwanda, and guess who is on hand to help? 

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