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You never go amiss visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park

You could be any of these people.

The first, you have always wanted to visit Africa and are ready to make the trip now; you want to choose the place to go that will give you an experience you will never forget. Or you have been to Africa, but have never visited Uganda and are wondering whether you should go, but is it worth it? If any of these categories fit, we want to tell you straight up, Uganda is the place to be!

Wondering why, well here is one splendid 1,978 Square Kilometers reason: Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Wikipedia notes that spanning the districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rubirizi, and Rukungiri in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is Uganda’s most visited National Park and will not be more than eager to receive the next visitor like you. Imagine the rare animal species, Kiyomura Gorge, a forest in the valley.  The crater lakes that surround the region, not to mention the variety cultures. Hey, you better stop the imagination because this reality is a near one.

To whet your appetite, we’ll start by serving you a bit of animal heaven. QENP is home to 95 mammal species and 500 Bird species according to Wikipedia, no kidding! Bush Elephant, Buffalo, African Leopard, Hipopotamus, Nile crocodile, Ugandan Kob, Lion (including the crazy tree climbing lions that spot a black mane). These are a few of the animals that might cross your path as you go through the park, normally by the way.

As we said.

The park boasts three Crater lakes, one, Lake Katwe has salt excursions going on, that should be a sight if you ask us and the other two are a must see. And just so you know, do not carry your swimming costume to these lakes, they are dangerously deep since they are formed from down warping activity!

The park is also home to Lakes Edward and George which are connected by the must see Kazinga channel which is also home to several of the park’s animals.

Again as we said, you must come!

Meanwhile, real live people with whole communities live in the area surrounding the park with a robust culture that will introduce you to a whole new world.

Like many have documented before, tasty food you have never heard of, dance to the beat of African drums, listen to stories about the animals and what they mean to the people in their culture. Banyankole, Batooro, Bakonjo and Bakiga inhabit the area and have similar cultures.

A Visit to Queen Elizabeth gives you a chance to engage with people, who are different from you, talk about building cultural awareness and greater empathy!

QENP Accommodation Exceptionale

A myriad of World class hotels inhabit this place, and variety budget locations exist too for those with similar expenditure.

At some lodges, you will be as close to the ‘wild’ almost literally, Uganda is that kind of country.

From Mweya Safari Lodge, Elephant Plains Lodge to Engiri Game Lodge, all beauty awaits to behold, in accommodation and in the grasslands. Just double check with Trip Advisor concerning reviews, what we are certain about is one thing though.

You never go amiss when you choose Queen Elizabeth National Park.

If you need more tailored or short trips to QENP that fit your holiday and budget, feel free to make inquiries via the contact us page or email us or call us (+256) 774 073535 .

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