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You have only 3 reasons to consider Uganda as your next safari – here they are.

Uganda may conjure up several images in your mind, here is our honest apology, there is more to the country than Idi Amin and social media tax, not quite on the later, but anyway.  

A more appealing image is the all impeccable landscape, scenery and animal inhabitants of this country in Eastern Africa. This is what the British explorer Winston Churchill famously described it as the Pearl of Africa in his 1908 book, ‘My African Journey’

Boasting 1,065 different bird species by 2019, home to all the big 5 and many animal species in its 10 National Parks, Uganda is quickly becoming a must-be country for safaris and vacations in Africa. We condense the reasons here.

1. The big five, and…

You want to see it all when you go on safari.  Uganda has a reputation of offering it all.

A typical 13 day or so Uganda Safari features a Kidepo Lion, a Queen Elizabeth Elephant, a Murchison Leopard, and a select location Cape buffalo and Rhinoceros in their natural habitats, and in our world, what can be more thrilling!

Seeing these five, which are referred known as Africa’s ‘Big five’ a phrase coined by big game hunters to describe hard to hunt animals (Wikipedia) but now widely used in Safari language is top on Safari goers’ list of why they visit Uganda.

The Big 5 can be found in most of Uganda’s 10 National parks along with other animal species like the Mountain gorilla, Chimpanzee, Zebra, Deer, Crocodile, Giraffe and Hippopotamus which are a sight on their own.

2. Birding paradise.

Since our Spanish speaking friends pronounce it as “Paradiso”, they would call easily Uganda birding paradiso, this is a literal bird heaven. The perfect destination for bird watchers, novice and experienced alike.  

With over 1,065 bird species including the Shoebill, descended from dinosaurs, Uganda is a sanctuary for birds of all colors, sizes and mannerisms.

Cementing it as a great birding destination, Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest was voted Africa’s Number on birding destination in 2011.

Certainly, if birds are your thing, bring that binocular already and provide the next testimony to a Africa’s premier birding paradise.

3. Beautiful Landscape and Scenery

There are places in the world that command you without a word to stop, close your eyes and take them in, to breathe in deeply and exhale with a sigh.

These places give you the sense that this is what the world ought to be, green, fresh and inviting.

Uganda is one of these places.

Dancing trees, singing birds, high hills, low valleys, infinite grasslands and plantations.  Mountains, thick vegetation, clouds and the beautiful sun.

These are but are few of what Uganda’s rich landscape has to offer. A few miles from the dusty capital, Kampala, visitors can expect to be treated to some grand even majestic scenes like the Murchison falls in Masindi or the winding hills of the west.

Surely you needed more than three reasons to see what we what Uganda offers, but we hope these three can give you a good starting point.

If you need more tailored trips that fit your holiday and budget, feel free to make inquiries via the contact us page or email us or call us (+256) 774 073535) .

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