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Bursting the Six Uganda Travel myths

Bursting the Six Uganda Travel myths, travelling to Uganda can turn out a surprising adventure for many; here are some myths you may encounter about travelling here.  For years, safari enthusiasts have embarked on an adventure in the wild regions of Uganda. The result of that has been a series of sometimes untested conclusions about Uganda. The bad news is they remain common, and the good news is that you don’t need to believe in any of them.

1. That Africa is a country.

First myths about Africa, where Uganda is located. Upon artiste Kanye West’s visit to Uganda, an American magazine generically reported how the American hip-hop artiste was spending time on a luxury African safari. A lot of ambiguity still surrounds the myth that Africa is a country. There is even a popular African website satirically themed under this claim. Nonetheless, it is important to state it here that Uganda is a country among the 54 African countries.

2. No Domestic flights.

Many coming to Africa carry assumptions that travelling by road is the only viable means of transport available. Recent trends indicate a change in Africa’s skyline, with more private chartered flights now operating inland. Safari enthusiasts should realize that travelling by road is not the only option, more charter flights can be booked, and the presence of airfields in remote locations where attractions are, is still possible. As African airports reportedly expand, scheduled flights to Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda, for example, make use of Kajjansi and Kihihi airfields. It’s also worth noting that the acceleration of resource mining and humanitarian activity inside Africa has eventually necessitated the presence of standardized airfields, in tourism’s favor too.

3. I’d have to pay more.

Smaller or larger teams travelling to Uganda may be convinced that flying while travelling inside Africa is not feasible, considering their number, or lack thereof. Not the case, budget aircraft are on the rise in Africa, and negotiable rates should put even your slightest fears at rest.

4. The Best safari experiences are only by road.

It’s understandable from some aggregate travel experiences that visiting Uganda is, no doubt, but flying within Uganda is underestimated too. Many aerial experiences have gone untold, and it’s high time one more person trumpeted the thrills of safari by air.

5. Roads are too bad for Safari

Much of Uganda’s ‘road network has tremendously improved. A once bumpy ride to Arua for example is now tarmacked enough for tourists to access attractions like Murchison Park and Pakuba Safari Lodge in the Northwest. The same can be said of Masaka- Mbarara highway.

6. Too hard to adjust My Itinerary

A horde of elephants may emerge unexpected, or you may notice a crater lake on top of the mountain. The best tourism service providers you choose understand, that flexibility is possible, we can always adjust things.  just choose us.

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