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kasenyi plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park

kasenyi plains are found in Queen Elizabeth national park the most visited Uganda’s national park in kasese district of the Rwenzururu sub-region in the southwestern region of Uganda. Kasenyi is approximately 49kilometres by road, southeast of kasese town. Kasenyi plains are open savannah grasslands area around kazinga channel a fresh water that connects lake George on the shoes of the western rift valley and lake Edward within queen Elizabeth national park.

The region around the kasenyi is majorly an open savannah grassland with various wild animals where the Uganda kobs are the most dominant animals because the place is the major breeding area for them. Unlike lions are rarely seen in the kasenyi plains. They can only be seen during the various game drives as well as the Uganda kobs are their main prey in this area. In those past years, lions were rarely seen but now the number is highly increasing and commonly seen in the green plain.

However, kasenyi plains being a home for wild animals, it also supports various savannah birds such as the yellow-throated along crow, red throat spur fowls as well as the grey-crown cranes and many more. Enjoyably most activities done in queen Elizabeth national park offer a game drive in the kasenyi area due to the fact that lots of mammals are found within here because of its savannah grass land plains which are loved by many mammal species.

However, the nature in this area with open savannah plains is very good for visitors who are interested in taking photographs. Here in this area, the guided game drive is quite challenging to allow visitors have the opportunity to view and capture all the wildlife scenes with their own eyes not cameras. Actually Inside this plain their lots of chances to see the lions running after their prey. The Kasenyi plains have got a large number of wildlife around the park such as the elephants, Warthogs, Antelopes, Hyenas and more others.

The kasenyi plains also comprise of the kazinga channel where one can enjoy taking a boat cruise at noon with a chance to view the water animals such as the hippos and the crocodiles, the cruise lasts for about 2hours and you can as well have a great sightseeing of elephants, buffaloes, water bucks and others which gather on the shores to drink water.

In addition, the major wildlife safaris in Uganda are favored here because lions are well viewed in the plain grassland during the guided game drive. Visitors can also have an opportunity to see the king of the jungle on a hunt for a day’s meal of the Uganda kob because this is its preferred food and you can as well have a chance of seeing the kobs mating in the grounds. Within kasenyi plains you will get the best game drive viewing on an African Wildlife Adventure.

Other attractions offered in kasenyi plains include.

Kazinga channel is also not so far away from the plains. The channel is situated in the southwest of the kasenyi plains in queen Elizabeth national park. so, when you visit the queen Elizabeth national park never leave without experiencing the spectacular kazinga channel.

Other attractions around the plains are lakes which include lake Bunyampaka, lake George and more others. Lake George is also an interesting fresh water on its own. Along it has papyrus swamp that harbors various wildlife which cannot viewed anywhere else in the park but at the lake such as the unique statunga antelopes, waterbucks, islands like Akika, Kankurango and Irangara and more others.

Kasenyi fishing village is another attraction that brings you muse when you visit queen Elizabeth national park. The culture of fishermen is such a thing that interests every visitor that visits the park. you can also have a chance to enjoy the taste of the fresh fish snacks at kasenyi fishing village just close to the park. Kasenyi plains also host the kasenyi Airport located at kasenyi next to the park. within here you can view lots of wildlife clearly like the Uganda kobs, warthogs, buffaloes and others.

Access to kasenyi.

Since Kasenyi plains are located in queen Elizabeth national park which is found in southwestern region of Uganda. Kasenyi plains lies in the northeastern part of Queen Elizabeth national park also known as Mweya or kasenyi sector. The park can easily be accessed about 420km from kampala by road between 5 to 6hours along kasese Mbarara main road. A visitor can choose to fly to and from Entebbe international Airport using a charter flight to kasenyi Airstrip which can take only 1:15minutes by Air.


Visitors visiting queen Elizabeth national park shouldn’t get worried of where to sleep. The park offers good accommodation facilities ranging from luxury, midrange and budget camps that can suit your desire includes.

  • Mweya safari lodge.
  • Simba safari camp.
  • Kyambura tented camp.
  • Ishasha wilderness camp.
  • Jacana lodge.
  • Mweya hostels among others.
  • Park views lodge.
  • Ihamba safari lodge and more others.
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